3 Critical Services Offered by Heavy Machine Moving Contractors

The heavy machinery used in manufacturing, power and construction industries is typically huge, highly sensitive to damage and awkwardly shaped. That is not a problem when machinery is in use, but can cause problems when it needs to be relocated or even removed for repairs. Fortunately specialty companies can provide experts and equipment to handle any kind of machine moving. Their teams include specialists who routinely disassemble equipment, prepare it for shipment and then reassemble it at the new location.

Machine Movers Offer Turn-Key Solutions

Most companies that move heavy equipment offer turn-key services which include a very organized process. The huge projects begin with precise scheduling, match-marking and dismantling. Items are carefully packaged and containerized if necessary. Movers arrange for needed land, air or sea transportation. They monitor freight forwarding and carefully unload items once they have arrived at their destination. Specialists then reassemble machinery. They can also warehouse equipment if necessary.

Crating Experts Protect Machinery

One of the reasons that heavy machine professionals are able to efficiently and safely move any kind of equipment is that each item is carefully prepared by packaging experts. They are design and building specialists who view every shipment as a custom project. Craftsmen use a variety of methods to protect every component. Options can include shrink wrapping, custom crates, containerization, and export skidding. Shipping specialists ensure that packaging meets all necessary specifications and that international shipments will not be held up in customs due to packaging issues.

Millwrights Calibrate Relocated Equipment

A great many of the processes involved in moving heavy machinery is coordinated by millwrights. They are highly skilled craftsmen who typically coordinate both the dismantling and reassembly of equipment. Millwrights are also responsible for calibrating installed machines. They ensure that machines are leveled and aligned within required tolerances. They use a variety of methods that can include traditional instrumentation, optical jig transits and laser alignment.

The process of moving heavy, complex machines requires experts who specialize in dismantling, packaging, and reassembling equipment. They can prepare equipment of any size or type for domestic or international transport. These specialists also use a range of methods to calibrate reassembled machinery and ensure that it is functioning precisely.