An App That Can Predict Which Flight You Should Choose

Imagine an app that can predict with at least eighty percent certainty that an airline flight will be delayed. Not only can users of this app rely on eighty percent certainty, but users can also receive those predictions before the airlines announce them to ticketed passengers. To top it off, the app can also help travelers discern optimal flight deals, sorting through what different airlines include in basic fares for the price. A popular app, Google flights, relies on algorithms and meta search capabilities to predict flight delays and identify which flight will give you a fair price with the necessary perks.

How Does the App Work?

The app works by analyzing historical data on flights. Through this analyzation, the app not only examines how many times a particular flight has been late or on time, but looks for patterns. Is a particular flight consistently late during certain times of the year or on certain days of the week? What makes the app’s predictions unique is that the app has a built-in threshold of certainty. There must be at least an eighty percent certainty for the app to predict a delay.


Since the app can predict with a high degree of certainty whether a specific flight will be delayed before an airline announces a delay, the main benefit to travelers is the ability to plan and adjust. It can be frustrating for travelers to arrive at an airport and sit for hours waiting to board a flight. With the app’s predictions, travelers can plan to arrive at the airport later or attempt to switch flights. The app’s ability to predict delays can also assist travelers in avoiding flights that are more likely to experience delays.

Choosing a flight often comes down to preferences, such as times of departure and arrival. Avoiding flight delays is not always possible, but an app that can predict them with at least eighty percent certainty can help travelers make better plans. 

Those who cannot afford to arrive at their destinations late might choose a flight with a better on-time record. Others who can afford the risk of delays may continue to purchase tickets for those flights, but then may account for those risks when making hotel, rental car, and airport transfer plans. Overall, the AI capabilities of the app can assist travelers with making the choices that work best for their needs.