Products Available Through Phoenix Floor Care

Cleaning floors takes much more work than simply scrubbing them down with a mop and bucket of water. Several chemicals are often needed to get the job done completely, ensuring not only a clean surface but also a slip-resistant and streak-free one. Phoenix Floor Care offers various products that meet the needs of anyone looking to make their floors spotless.

Floor Cleaner and Refinisher

A basic floor cleaner and refinisher is the first thing needed. It will remove dirt and debris from the surface and leave the floor with a smooth finish that looks ideal. This type keeps the surface smooth and offers a slip-resistant feature that keeps people from falling. Phoenix Classic Spray Emulsion is the brand offered.

Pad Cleaner

The pads put on cleaning machines and mops are often reusable, but they need to get cleaned. A special pad cleaner ensures all cleaning pads get fully sanitized so they can continue to get used on the floors throughout the building. With a liquefying agent within it, any solid debris stuck in the pads can get removed easily. Phoenix offers Blast High Speed Pad Cleaner.

Salt Neutralizer

During the winter months, snow may get tracked in by people’s feet. This can leave salt marks on the floor that quickly starts to deteriorate and discolor the surface. The Winterinse Salt Neutralizer provided by Phoenix prevents salt damage from occurring. It cleans the heavy salt marks and removes any trace of it so it can do no harm.

Floor Cleaning Machine

A proper floor cleaning machine is necessary to get these chemicals scrubbed onto the floors. Especially for such a large business, the task of cleaning by hand or with a simple mop would prove too strenuous. Various heavy-duty floor cleaning machines get offered by Phoenix, with sturdy models that are built to last.

With plenty of products to choose from, any company can purchase their floor cleaning chemicals and equipment from professionals like Phoenix and see a huge difference in the level of clean they can achieve. With chemicals, cleaners, equipment, and supplies available, the company has everything one could need to keep the surfaces of their floors looking shiny and new.