What You Should Know About Aeration

Ponds and lakes require aeration to improve the installations and keep them beautiful. The process involves the installation of pumps and diffusers to circulate oxygen. The oxygen levels are stabilized through the aeration systems and offer a better environment for plants and fish. The installations are available for a variety of lake and pond sizes. A local supplier offers pond aeration systems to meet the needs of property owners.

Ponds and Lakes Need Oxygen

It is through oxidation that sediments are managed more proactively. The sediments are known for releasing high volumes of noxious gas and metals that are dangerous to plants and fish. It is the developments that create poor water quality and kills off any fish or plants living in the pond or lakes.

Controlling Algae Growth in Lakes and Ponds

Oxygen levels fight against phosphorus which could convert to more dangerous forms that develop algae. The heightened oxygen levels stop algae spores from thriving and force the phosphorus into the bottom of the lakes or ponds more effectively. The process prevents sunlight from reaching the algae spores and stops the algae from taking over the water.

Keeping the Property Fresh

The most common annoyance for property owners with a pond or lake is the foul odor. Ponds and lakes that aren’t maintained properly generate a foul odor that makes the installations hard to enjoy. The cause of the smell is thermal stratification. Oxygen circulated by the aeration system stops thermal stratification and keeps the pond or lake smelling fresh.

Controlling Mosquito Populations

An aeration system makes the water move constantly. The movement isn’t beneficial for mosquitoes trying to lay eggs. For this reason, the mosquitoes don’t remain around the pond or lake water. The process stops mosquitoes from populating around the ponds or lakes and becoming a nuisance.

Ponds and lakes require proper maintenance to prevent common problems. The installations require aeration to improve the oxygen levels. The increase in oxygen prevents sediment issues and toxicity. Algae won’t grow in the ponds or lakes with the right aeration system. The water remains fresh and won’t develop foul odors if oxygen levels remain consistent. Property owners who want to learn more about aeration contact a supplier now.