Wide Format Printers From Los Angeles Suppliers Offer Advantages to Businesses

When it comes to Wide Format Printers Los Angeles businesses want high-quality equipment for an affordable price. The devices are essential for print projects that are designed to be larger than the standard 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper.


For commercial use, the equipment looks somewhat more like a photocopy machine than a printer. The largest ones print documents up to 100 inches wide. As with many printers, they can have multiple functions to include scanning, which businesses commonly need for sending materials by email. Instead of reams of separate pieces of paper, this paper comes on a wide roll.

Examples of Uses

Marketing departments, advertising teams, and staff members in charge of training are especially appreciative of these machines. Engineering, architectural, drafting and technical drawing workers also like the option of wide formatting for their printed projects. Business presentations look more impressive in the larger format.

For promotional materials, bigger brochures and flyers catch attention. Everyone is accustomed to the standard copy paper size and it doesn’t catch much attention anymore, even when folded in half with colorful graphics on the front and text in the middle.

Marketers can have more fun designing materials they know will be more attention-getting than the usual. The company can print its own posters and banners in multiple copies to promote discount sales and other special events. Retail advertising is increasingly done with these wide-format devices.

Convenience and Cost Effectiveness

If only a limited number of projects are done each year, the print job might be outsourced, but that tends to be inconvenient for those behind the project. The work usually cannot be completed immediately; the project has to be placed in a queue. Delivery and pickup must be done too. If revisions are necessary, this adds to the cost and extra time to be factored in.

In contrast, an in-house printer on site can be used anytime without the hassle. Any number of revisions can be done quickly and inexpensively. For large numbers of projects, buying wide format equipment from a supplier such as Advanced Graphics Imaging Solutions can pay for itself relatively quickly compared with outsourcing.