Provide Travelers an Invaluable Service Using Your Company Logo

More than 2.6 million people take to the skies every single day according to a report released earlier this year by the Federal Aviation Administration. This means the world’s airports are constantly teeming with passengers scurrying to their destinations. At the same time, it means even more luggage than people circulates through the airlines and their baggage claims each day.

The Typical Scenario

Speaking of luggage and baggage claims, imagine the conventional scene in virtually any airport after a flight arrives. Passengers crowd around the conveyor, eager to be reunited with their belongings. A black suitcase tumbles down the line, and almost everyone lunges to grab it.

For all but one fortunate soul, though, disappointment ensues and more waiting begins. Anyone with flying experience currently reading this post is probably nodding in agreement while having flashbacks of recent travel.

The Conventional Problem

Standard luggage is a commercial item, so it’s sold in bulk in just about every department store known for carrying such pieces. Various colors and designs are available; still, though they may be the only ones of their kind in a specific store, they’re not the only ones ever to be manufactured. Chances are at least one duplicate set sits in the belly of the plane during any given flight.

A Supposed Solution

Luggage tags became the go-to solution to the numerous flight-related cases of mistaken identity, and the retail world took note of this development. Soon, any number of cute, flashy and easily recognizable tag designs made their way to market. Unfortunately, much like luggage itself, these tags are highly commercialized. They hang in sets of 20 or so in every store imaginable, so none of them are truly unique.

A Real Resolution

Custom-printed luggage tags may very well be the answer to the dilemma. Have your company name, logo and contact information or a unique message emblazoned on high-quality luggage tags, and give them to employees, clients, trade show attendees or other groups. Granted, once you pass them around, several people will have matching tags, but you won’t be handing them out in nearly the same volume as the retail sector does.

With custom luggage tags, you’ll be doing recipients the invaluable service of helping them truly distinguish their suitcases from all the others riding the airport carousels. At the same time, hundreds of people are bound to see those tags bearing your mark with each flight taken.