How Employers And Management Recruiters Can Work Together To Fill Top Positions

Hiring Management recruiters to fill top positions is a cost-effective strategy for many employers. Rather than spending time devising recruitment strategies and utilizing valuable labor to go through resumes, employers can outsource the task to a search firm and expect to get better, and sometimes even faster, results. When hiring a recruiter, there are several things an employer can do to maximize the benefits of the relationship.

Understand The Different Types Of Recruiters

Recruiters fall into two main categories: those who work on a retainer, and those who work on a contingency basis. The former are paid up front, and they most often recruit for high level positions that pay a salary of $150,000 or more. They work for only a few clients at a time, and dedicate a great deal of time to finding the best possible candidate for a position – not just people who are actively seeking jobs, but also those who are employed elsewhere. Recruiters who are paid on a contingency basis, on the other hand, tend to recruit for lower level positions, and they may also work for many clients at once.

Find Out The Recruiter’s Retention Percentage

One of the best ways to evaluate the quality of a recruiter is to find out how well his or her successful placements have fared a year or more after they were hired. A good recruiter will spend time getting to know each client and developing an in-depth understanding of the company culture. A good fit is determined by more than just a skill set – an individual should have the right personality to get along well with the team. The cost of hiring the wrong person is very high.

Invest Time In The Relationship

An effective recruiter can be a great asset to an employer. Investing time in the relationship early on can help the recruiter do a better job because it will give the recruiter the chance to fully comprehend the needs and personality of the company. The recruiter may need to ask a lot of questions at the outset, but employers should consider this time well spent, as it will speed the hiring process later on.