The Technology Used To Create Architectural Metal Mesh

It is a struggle for an architect to remain ahead of their craft and utilize design elements that are fashion-forward and add visual appeal to a commercial space. One of the fastest growing trends is the use of wire mesh as a way to create an industrial element that is designed to withstand use and abuse. The technology used to create wire mesh is quite advanced, and the following is a look at what is involved and why it is a go-to option for building and construction professionals.

Initial Metal Production

Few production techniques provide the durability of metals fabricated through a cold forging process. The process eliminates the need for surface finishing, and additional strength is obtained by treating the metal with heat before weaving it into a metal fabric. In addition to being a more affordable option, it also requires less time to process, providing quick access to a significant amount of metal.

Weaving Machine

Once the wire has been fabricated, the last step is to place the wire rods into a weaving machine. Much like a fiber loom, the device will work the pieces of metal and create a grid-like pattern that results in a quality metal fabric. Most machines are be calibrated with customized settings, allowing a designer to choose a fabric type that meets the needs of a project without adding substantial expense.

Fabric Framing

After the metal fabric has been produced, the final step is to frame it so that the metal will not shift. A technician will place a metal border around the perimeter of the piece and weld them together. Once the welding is complete, the unit will be washed and rinsed and inspected for the presence of any craftsmanship defects that will affect the overall visual or structural integrity of the piece.

Metal is a modern design element that creates a high-end commercial look in nearly any space. Banker Wire offers a vast selection of metal types and a wide range of finishing options to meet the needs of any project. Be sure to click here for more info or call today to get a quote and see how metal is an affordable way to transform the interior of any building.