Why Powder Coating Makes for the Best and Most Universal Metal Surface Application

Customers may expect something a little different from their latest resurfacing needs. But, many of them are not aware of powder coating. It is a process that can maximize the quality of the job. Unfortunately, many customers are not aware of why the process is universally better than painting on a pure objective quality level. What is it about powder coating that makes it the best resolution?

The basic idea for powder coating is the application of powder to a surface. Unlike paint surfacing, the powder application is disbursed as a loose powder and not a liquid paint base. This difference is massive in virtually every way. The powder is polyester or epoxy based.

A powder is obviously not likely to just connect with a surface. This is why powder coating is followed by an intense heating process which essentially bakes and fuses the powder into the surface base. Powder coating represents the best possible answer for surfacing metal materials since its inception as a resource in the 1960’s.

Breaking the Surface

Paint is a surface application. Even some of the best painting can’t get through the fact that it is only applying a surface texture to metal, wood, etc. Powder coating is heating the powder to the metal surface, essentially binding the two. The result is an application that can theoretically last a lifetime

The application process results in a solution that is more durable. It can’t easily flake off of the surface due to the fusing process. It also provides a clean sheen and glow. It looks high-quality and it feels high-quality. Further, the application is environmentally-conscious and more efficient overall. The EPA encourages this superior application strategy.

Is there a Con?

There is one single negative to powder coating. Any good professional would not recommend powder coating on wood or any non-metal surface. When it comes to metal, powder coating is the ultimate answer. Paint will suffice for most other surface materials.

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